October 17, 2015

Easily Recolor a Rug in Sims 2

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Hello Simmers! In this short tutorial you will learn how to effortlessly recolor a rug with transparent edges for Sims 2. Have you ever wondered about the transparent area around a Sims 2 rug and why it turns white when you attempt to recolor it? This is because the 'white area' is the footprint around your texture image, Basically this needs to be transparent. We do this by saving the image in a PNG format. It also may turn out that you need to tweak a few things inside of SimPe. Fret not, this is rather easy to do.

Let's begin.
A glaring white border around a rug
 Here's an example of what you do not want to happen to your recolored rug.

Good job! Armed with this new knowledge you'll be able to create various rugs for your Sims 2 families. Happy Simming!